Spirit Animal

Discover our Spirit Animal collection of indigenous apparel, featuring designs inspired by the animals that hold special significance in Native American culture. Shop now and connect with your own spirit animal through our comfortable and stylish clothing. Perfect for nature lovers and anyone seeking a deeper connection to their roots.

When selecting your spirit animal, sometimes called a totem, remember that it was the spirit animal that chose you first. Most people living on Turtle Island do not know this about the spirit animal, but it has been with you your entire life, to guide you and keep you safe. Think of any big moment in your life, changes, times of celebration. If you happen to notice one of the spirits during those times, then it is most likely your spirit animal. They will show themselves in nature, but even on TV, pictures, the internet, and yes, even on clothing.

Each item has a description of the spirit animal and its name written in Cree (Kri). More spirit animals coming soon.